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At Limani at Fifty, we are family.

Please allow us to introduce ourselves, we are the Dimitropoulos family. Some of you may remember us as the family that operated the Landing Restaurant from 1994-2000. Back in 1994 we were awarded the Landing Restaurant. Being in a marina was totally new to us, but my father John Dimitropoulos said this place was very special and he had never seen anything like it. Upon opening, we quickly fell in love with the marina, it’s staff and of course the members. The scenery, the sounds and the calm of the water was what made working long days worthwhile.

In October 1999, my father, John, was diagnosed with cancer and passed in December of 2000. At the time, we were unable to continue operating the Landing and regrettably had to walk away. For the past 18 years, we have driven by the Landing and often wondered what the restaurant would have been like if we never left. In 2018, when we found out that the restaurant was available, we decided that we wanted to come back to the place that we loved so dearly, the place that held such a special place in our hearts, the place that makes us smile whenever we think about it.

So what’s new?

Keeping in mind the tradition and taste started by my father, but with a fresh start and updated flavours,  myself, George and my wife, Maria, bring to you LIMANI.

LIMANI means PORT in Greek and Italian, and it represents our cuisine and ambiance.

LIMANI offers one of the largest patios at over 5000 square feet with stunning views both in the newly renovated interior and exterior of the restaurant. Our interior boasts of sophistication and simple elegance with a unique and picturesque backdrop of the marina.

We are continuously working on improving and adding to your dining pleasure. Follow our journey through Facebook and Instagram  @limaniatfifty